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Welcome to the Jupiter class page. We are looking forward to a busy year and we have some really exciting topics ahead. Jupiter class are lucky to have our UKS2 teaching assistants working with them supporting their learning. We have lots of enthusiasm and are looking forward to the year ahead. Please feel free to come and talk to Miss Lemin if you have any questions.

  • Meet the Team
    Miss Natalie Lemin Year 6 Class Teacher and Reading Leader
    Mr Ethan Debell UKS2 Teaching Assistant
  • Our Class Routines

    PE DAY – Wednesday – please come to school in your PE kit. Uniform should not be brought in on this day.

    HOMEWORK SET – Monday

    SPELLINGS SET – Monday


    SPELLING TEST DAY – Thursday

  • Our Curriculum

    English – Writing

    In writing, we will cover a wide range of different genres: from persuasive letters to explanation texts, narrative writing to formal scientific reports, poetry to fact-files. In creating examples of all of the above, we will look in depth at the full range of grammatical devices needed to add detail, control readers’ emotions, add vivid description and write precisely. We will also consider the vital role that vocabulary plays in achieving these too. We will examine our written tone and, by combining all of the elements above, control it in order to create written pieces that speak to specific audiences with credibility.

    English – Reading

    As well as reading through our much-loved class books in our end-of-the-day reading sessions, we will spend our morning reading time dissecting a variety of other text types. We will consider how a range of features impact a reader and we will learn to explain our own opinions on matters that arise in different texts. We will learn to scan texts and locate information efficiently. Importantly, we will constantly promote a love for reading in the hope of developing a life-long passion for literature.


    We begin the year by setting firm mathematical foundations in units on number. We will learn and apply methodologies for solving a wide array of number-based problems. This will evolve smoothly into units on fractions and decimals and all of this will then be applied in wider mathematical areas, such as geometry, measures, statistics and algebra. Along the way, we will learn key mathematical life skills, such as calculating with time and money, and we will apply them in realistic reasoning and problem solving contexts.


    We begin the year studying ‘Animals Including Humans’ – a biology unit primarily – where we will learn about the human heart, circulatory system and respiratory system. We will move on to study ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. We will learn about adaptation, evolution by natural selection and how these have worked hand-in-hand over millions of years. Following this unit, we will progress to learn about ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. We will classify different animals and consider the role of climate, physiological characteristics and food webs and how they make different animals well suited for their habitats. In our final two units, we will study light and electricity. We will examine the science behind how we see, including the biology of the human eye. We will learn about electrical circuitry, series and parallel, and how they are used in the world around us.

    PSHE and Citizenship

    We will learn about what it means to be a growing and increasingly independent member of a local, national and international community. We will consider our rights, the rule of law and how government works as well as our individual role in all of those things. We will also learn about relationships, our network of support, and what to expect as we continue to grow towards adulthood.


    We will cover a variety of different sports over the course of Year 6. We will practise skills, learn what it means to be a part of a team and practise determination and resilience. We will also learn about diet, food groups, exercise and how to keep both mentally and physically healthy.



    Gallery Rebels – Primarily an artistic topic, we will look at a wide range of different artistic styles: from Banksy to Kandinski and Morris to Warhol. We will use their styles as inspiration for our own artwork and we will delve into the historical context that each artist existed in.

    Hola Mexico – A History and Geography topic. We will study the Mayans, their society, their cultural and religious practices, the geography of the Yucatan Peninsula and the impressive technological and educational progress that the Mayan people were responsible for.

    Frozen Kingdom – A science-based topic with a historical twist. This one will pair up nicely with our studies on evolution, adaptation, animals and their habitats. We will look at the wildlife of the frozen regions of our planet. In a later twist, we will study the Titanic and its doomed voyage too.

    Revolution – A Victorian topic! We will jump back in time and immerse ourselves in Victorian Britain. We will become Victorian children and experience their school and work lives. This topic runs very nicely alongside our writing units and will create numerous engaging stimuli for exciting writing.

    Transition – Towards the end of the year, we will spend a half term preparing for secondary school. We will work on social skills, organisation and independence, among other useful traits and skills.

  • Celebrating our Learning
  • Our Home Learning
  • Parent Zone

    We recommend a number of websites for any extra studies that are completed at home: for a range of mathematical problems to study. for our school’s online spelling practice platform. where a number of free resources can be found, covering the entire curriculum.