We Like Hampton College

We surveyed our children and asked them what they like about Hampton College. Below are a selection of these responses.

Children's responses:

  • I like literacy and maths and learning new things and playing with my friends.
  • The teachers are nice and you get a great learning experience.
  • I enjoy my creative lessons. Most of all when we get to use the paints in art!
  • I like the iPads because we play fun quizzes.
  • I like how I made lots of friends when I joined.
  • I like that my friends are always kind to me.
  • I like to be ay Hampton College because our teachers help us.
  • I like getting stickers and certificates.
  • I like writing my own stories.
  • I like practising neat handwriting.
  • I like learning and assemblies.
  • I like learning new things every day.