School Council

Our school council consists of children from years 1 to 4 who meet regularly with Miss Trigg, our Deputy Head of School, to discuss school related issues which the children feel are important to them. Our school councillors are elected through a fair and democratic process, which mirrors election processes in 'the real world' and helps to develop an understanding of the British Value of Democracy.

For 2016/17, our primary school councillors are:

Badgers class (Y1) Jojo Noah
Owls class (Y1) Isaac Sophie
Hedgehogs class (Y2) Emma Kalina
Squirrels class (Y2) Eddie Ava
Moon class (Y3) Harley Lila
Sun class (Y3) Harlan Tilly
Comet class (Y4) Sav Imogen
Star class (Y4) Jack Rebecca

Rebecca (Y4) is the Chair of our school council and Jojo (Y1) is the Vice Chair.